EBTH 2020

Virtual Exhibitors


2 days physical 8 days virtual

Join us

Join us

Our platform will contribute to overcome all time and physical barriers and will endorse access to a national and international audience, allowing to extend our event until the 11th September 2020, thus increasing visibility of public and private entities, which will participate.

The chances to develop business and scientific relationships will be implemented by one-to-one meetings, approached in various ways and with personalized schedules, in accordance to your demands and those of your interlocutors.

It will be possible to view the presentations of the companies and their projects through streaming and live sessions.

All the activities will be supported by an innovative campaign of digital marketing, which has been created specifically for this event.

Virtual Offerings

and much more…

The event offers a comprehensive overview of the BioHighTech sector, concentrated over two days of online exhibitions, meetings and workshops:

– Virtual exhibition devoted to companies, where they can present their research projects, innovations and products

– Match-making area and scheduled one-to-one meetings

– Online Conferences, Seminars and Workshops also featuring projects of the technological transfer departments and the scientific committees from research centers, universities, state-run and private providers of healthcare and social services

Moreover, the virtual participation to EBHT, which is the Satellite event of ESOF 2020, offers:

  • A virtual entrance to ESOF 2020
  • A virtual stand on the new platform, that will allow a longer online exposure for  exhibitors, without any physical barriers
  • Business Speech: Online Presentation
  • The possibility to arrange partnering meetings virtually and one-to-one matchings and self-schedule them


The following companies will partecipate in the event
  • High-tech companies specialising in:
    • Biomedical engineering, in-vivo diagnostics
    • In-vitro diagnostics
    • Medical informatics and bioinformatics
    • Innovative therapy
    • AAL – Ambient Assisted Living
  • Universities and Research Istitutes
  • Integrated University Healthcare structures
  • Analysis and diagnostics laboratories (health, agri-food industry and environmental)
  • Health and Social services bodies

Application form and more info

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